When the music fades..

It’s quiet tonight. The dishes are done. The kids have gone home. And I confess to feeling the melancholy that comes when I realize I won’t be hugging those beautiful little girls or my son Toby & his beautiful wife Tammy for another 4 months. We had three very special weekends together – a gift that I had not anticipated in the past, but am so very thankful to have had.
The big event this weekend was our trip to the new Creation Museum just south of Cincinnati. This museum has only been open since May and already over 100,000 visitors have been there. The crowd on Saturday was the only disappointing part of the museum. And it was extremely crowded!!! But the experience was excellent. Whatever your view about creation/evolution might be, I would highly recommend this museum. It did make for a long day for the little ones, but they were certainly troopers the entire day. Today we worshipped at Mariemont Community Church – T&T’s friend Mike Durkee is the youth pastor there. It was a good service – the message was on Supreme Grace. I know it’s always good for me to be reminded of the the amazing grace that saved a wretch like me. Back at the ranch we had time for a nice swim and then enjoyed a “quiet” afternoon – all together in Lizzie since it was TOO HOT AND MUGGY to even sit outside.

So I’m feeling kinda misty about my family tonight. We’ll see Josiah and Abigail in just a couple of weeks and then for several days as they join us at our cabin in VT. So that’s a very good thing. But we haven’t seen Lara since March – and it looks like it will be Thanksgiving before we can hug her again. She has a lot going on in her life right now – and I’d love to be close enough just to join her for a cup of coffee (well, maybe a couple days in a row of coffee dates!). But it is, as they say, what it is. We’ll happily anticipate our Thanksgiving together and thoroughly enjoy our weekend in VT with Josiah and Abigail in the meanwhile. And tomorrow I’ll get busy doing whatever it is the Lord has for me to do and the “missing the kids” melancholy will subside.
So here is our official group shot from our August Trio of Weekends –


Yeah, it’s way too quiet right now……

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