Slap Me!

What was I thinking!!!!! Shame on me! That last post was really whiney. Instead of moping about how we had to say good-bye to dear ones (for just a couple of months) I should have been rejoicing that we had been blessed with three weekends IN A ROW of wonderful visiting with them. In three different locations no less! In our “previous life” we would have been happy for a busy long weekend (either in Ohio or PA). It was hard to say good-bye since our previous “good-byes” held the promise of a “hello” in just a couple of days. By doing a project in Ohio we were able to see sooooo much more of each other. And next month while we’re working a project in Ft. Washington, PA we’ll only be an hour or so from Josiah & Abigail. And should we ever get Lizzie out to the west coast, we have a project picked out near where Lara is living (and if she’s not living there by the time that happens, we’ll just find one close to where she is!).

So many blessings. Next time I get whiney – slap me!

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