Thank goodness for Air Conditioning!

Did you have a good week? Despite the brutal heat (we had several days that had heat indexes of over 100!) we seemed to get a lot done. Another SOWER couple joined us this week here at King’s Domain and the guys were up on scaffolding painting cabins (that appeared to be hanging off a cliff!). The only good part about that was they were under trees and not in the sun.
Here’s the cabin they painted – see what I mean!
We ladies worked either in the kitchen or getting cottages ready for weekend guests. And aside from that HEAT, it was a fun week. We had a little mid-week Sower Party with some Sower friends from Cincinnati, the ladies had a “day out” (read – shopping), and Gary & I went into Cincinnati on Friday and enjoyed a city tour given by the same friends that had come for dinner earlier in the week. Daughter Lara had always said what a great city Cincinnati is – and we must agree. We both were surprised about how hilly it was – I mean after all, we’re in OHIO! As you can see by these shots – there are high places to be found!

cincinnati3 cincinnati1

(mind you, the second one is actually a picture of Covington, KY taken from Cincinnati!)

Sunday we headed toward Dayton to visit with friends from Doylestown who have moved to Xenia. He runs the International Division of Athletes in Action. We worshipped together at Fairhaven Church – a great service – and then had a leisurely lunch at Cracker Barrel. We had a wonderful visit – and it was good to see these dear friends.

This is our last week at Kings Domain, and then we head east. (Someday I WILL write “and then we head WEST”). But the good news is that we’ll visit with friends over next weekend, see Josiah & Abigail on Monday (and get Lizzie inspected in Lancaster), drop Liz off at WEC International in Ft. Washington and then head to Vermont for the next week and a half. And to ice the cake, we’ll be working at WEC in September – so we’ll get to connect with friends AND do all those “home base” things that need to be attended to (like driver’s license renewal, dentist and doctor visits, haircuts, etc……..). If I’ve mentioned all of this before – I’m sorry. But I’m pretty stoked about the next several weeks!

Gary & I did take in an interesting POI on Saturday. Fort Ancient is just up the road – and it’s a huge “earthworks” built by native Americans several thousand years ago. There was a museum and then several trails. It was too hot to spend too much time on the trails – but we did manage to do the one that “happened” to have a geocache on it! It’s hidden behind this fallen log……

Ft. Ancient Tree

Our geocaching adventures have slowed down a bit – mostly due to the extreme heat we’ve been experienceing. Somehow after working in the heat all day, we just haven’t felt up to leaving the A/C to go hiking. We did try to do one today – but it appeared to be down in the underbrush by this bridge – and we were in our Sunday go to meeting clothes. It was a pretty bridge, though, so we enjoyed the stop!
Covered Bridge Geo Cache

Off to bed – at least the nights have cooled off so we can turn off the A/C and enjoy the cool night air.
Stay cool – and drink plenty of fluids!

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