On the road – literally!

We’re bouncing down Rte. 30 heading into King of Prussia in late rush hour traffic. In the rain. I’m better off sitting here at the computer than sitting in the front gasping every time a car enters on the right, or pull in front of us from the left or….well, let’s just say Gary is a Very Good driver, and I am not always the best rider. So, I’m bouncing along working on the computer and only occasionally glancing up to see how the trip is going. We don’t have far to go (only about 20 miles or so) so that’s a good thing! And I’m not really complaining about the cool temps and the rain. After all the heat we had in the last few weeks it’s been delightful to put on long pants, socks and a cozy sweatshirt! But the rain will make it a little messy when we begin to get Lizzie settled in at her resting place later this morning.

And now for a little catch-up! We left Ohio on Thursday as planned and headed to Western Maryland (did you know there are pretty impressive (well, for the East Coast) mountains in Maryland?) and spent a lovely weekend with some very dear SOWER friends – Jim & Lillie and Bill & Dolly. We checked out the local farmers market, hiked in a nearby state park, ate warm sticky buns, laughed ourselves silly, stood on the hightest point in PA (Mt. Davis), checked out beautiful Deep Creek Lake, were amazed at a man-made white water rafting/kayaking facility, ate warm homemade donuts, enjoyed drives in the beautiful countryside , shared hugs and tears and prayers. An Excellent Weekend!
From there we headed to Lancaster – got Lizzie inspected, had lunch with a friend, did some shopping (and then some napping) and then had the evening with Josiah and Abigail. It was good to catch up with them – and we’re looking forward to more bonding time when they join us for the weekend at The Cabin.
So that about brings us to today. And the bumpy ride to Ft. Washington. I thought I’d better take this time to catch you up with our wanderings – the next couple of days promise to be pretty busy, and then we’ll be in VT – where internet is harder to come by. So, if you don’t hear from us until after Labor Day, don’t worry – We’ll Be Back!!!! (And maybe even with some pictures!)

Our exit is coming up…….

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