Happy Anniversary to us!

Today we celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary by driving home from Vermont. It wasn’t the most specatular celebration, but we decided to “re-up” for at least another year. (Actually we think that last year we decided to renew for at least five, but we can remember for sure. We figured we do the annual renewal just to be sure! 🙂 )
But let me catch you up on our time in Vermont. Once again, our time at the cabin renewed and refreshed us and made us remember again how blessed we are to have this wonderful haven on the hill. Our time with Josiah and Abigail was lots of fun, our buddy Lynne Croswell came for a two day visit (where we effeciently got her hooked on geocaching!), I had a couple of days with my sister Elna (one included a day trip to see our Aunt Berta who turns 85 on Sept. 6th), we had lots of dinner and cards together with both Elna & Henry, and we finished off the week with a mini-family reunion – brother Dewey, his wife Sharon, son Schuyler, Elna & Henry and their daughter Heather and her husband Dan and kids, Rianne and Marshall. Whooo! It was a beautiful Vermont day – and a wonderful conclusion to two very special weeks in Vermont. OK, so having the truck towed off the mountain TWICE was not the most special part, but it all worked out in the end. I thought I was saving for a new computer, but it turns out I was saving for a new fuel pump. Now that I know……:-)

And of course I have pictures to share… So first the traditional Cabin From the Pond shot. Every time, the same thing. But I love this shot.

Traditional Cabin Shot

And here are a couple of my other favorites..
I took this just this morning.

And then there’s the early morning mist rising off the pond…..
Morning Mist rising

Or the moon in the early morning light (it’s amazing what an early run to the outhouse can lead too!)….
Cabin Morning<

Here are some thumbnails of some of the others that can ALL be found here

Cabin Dew 2 Cabin sunrise-moon set goshenchurch

Lynne's first find Bradford View 1 Cabin 2

So we’re getting settled here at WEC International here in Ft. Washington. It’s an amazing property – located very close to two major roads, but it has a wonderful sense of privacy. The property originally was the summer estate for some Very Rich folks from Philadelphia(like in the twenties?), and although it has been in different hands (or no hands at all) WEC has been blessed to call it home for 50 years or so. Their primary aim “is to is to share the gospel with as many of the world’s unreached people as possible before Jesus returns. Our primary objective is to gather believers into local church bodies and lead them to spiritual maturity. Wherever God places us we endeavor to motivate and train believers for cross-cultural service. We also acknowledge our responsibility to demonstrate Christ’s compassion to a needy world. “ And meanwhile the buildings need to be maintained and the 80 or so folks that are in training here need to be fed. So that is where we come in. We are here with one other couple – and are looking forward to help where we can so they can continue on with their mission.
I’ll post some pictures of this amazing campus soon.

Well, it’s been a loooonnnnng day. And we’re beat. So off to bed we go. (Well, Gary actually went to bed about an hour ago!).
Sleep well!

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