It’s a Home Run!

Dear friends, I am soooo behind in keeping this journal updated. I think it’s because we’re home and running ALL the time!
First of all – our SOWER work. I know I have said this before, but one of the joys of this ministry is that every project has it’s own flavor. We’ve been parked in tall grass behind 70 yr. old school buildings, we’ve been in official campgrounds at different retreat centers and we’ve been in the middle of a field plugged into the bath houses. But I must say, we’ve never been parked near (nor worked in) a castle. See what I mean?

WEC Castle

WEC Castle3 WEC Castle2

This is the US sending base for WEC (Worldwide Evangelization for Christ) and we have been amazed at the international community here. Naomi & I have been working in the kitchen (they feed dinner to about 100 folks each night) and we have worked with folks from Brazil, Puerto Rico, South Korea and France. Right now there are candidates here from all over the world for 2 months of orientation – young and old, couples and families and singles. Next week about another 40 folks join them for their annual conference. And that should make for a Happenin’ Week! Oh, the guys? They have mostly been busy painting anything white on the outside of the castle. If you look closely on the bottom left picture you can see one of them up on a ladder. If it’s white, it’s on their list to paint!
And when we’re not working…..we’ve been RUNNING!
In the last two weeks I’ve managed to fit in –
Dentist (no cavities! 🙂 )
Nat’s Pizza
Renewed Drivers License (I’m good until 2011)
Perkins with the quilting gang
HPI visit
Dinner with my b-day buddies
Time well spent with Janet & Joe
Dinner with Josiah’s In-laws (and Josiah & Abigail)
Getting a new phone
Card night with FBC friends
Working in the kitchen at FBC

And on deck….
another morning at HPI
dinner with the Sensing family
a morning out with Naomi
dinner with Ikoniaks and Gellers
getting the truck fixed (and keeping it fixed!)
an evening out with Abigail’s mom
a colonoscopy (ok, so it’s not all fun….)

So all and all it’s beena grand couple of weeks! We’re very blessed to be just a little part of the ministry here at WEC and we’ve treasured all the opportunities to connect with family and friends. And while ‘taking care of business” isn’t all that much fun, it does feel good to get so many things accomplished.

Yep, it’s been a Home Run!

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  1. Wow! No wonder you haven’t updated. You’ve been busy. What a beautiful and picturesque place. Is that a real deer in the top picture? One would think you’re out in the boonies. 😉

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