Sunday Naptime

Aren’t Sunday afternoon naps wonderful? We just enjoyed a classic Sunday dinner – Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes with gravy, and fresh green beans. Yummmm. And now to the afternoon nap. Hopefully Mike & Robyn will get a nap in before 2 yr. old Molly wakes up. I’m out in Lizzie, so I have no such time constraints! 🙂

But before I succumb to the Sunday slumber, let me catch you up on a little of our “doings”:

Sunday and Monday – Fasting, Flushing and Finding.
Ok, so the fasting and flushing had to do with… ah..cough..mumble…my colonoscopy Monday morning. Everything went well and the Dr. found nothing, so I’m good to go (sorry) until 2014 at the earliest. Sounds good to me! But after the morning’s event, and after I had a wonderful fresh bagel from the Bagel Barrel in D-town (first food since Saturday night), we did a quick geocache right in the middle of town. It was our smallest ever – and it was a fun to do one right in town. So here is the real “finding” of the day…..

tiny geo

Tuesday and Wednesday – Cheesecake for 170.
This past week at WEC was their annual conference. That meant, for those of us working in the kitchen, that instead of the usual 100 folks that we were cooking one meal a day for , there were now about 170 folks for whom we were cooking lunch and dinner. It was certainly a “ramped up” week – but a real blessing to be even a small part of the spirit of the conference. We were working with a great couple in the kitchen, Shirley and Bob, who had volunteered to come in and do all the cooking so the kitchen manager could attend the conference meetings. The menu was very special, and yes, I did make cheesecake for 170 people. Nothing like working with 12 pounds of cream cheese at a time! The fellowship in the kitchen was wonderful – I must admit it’s one of my favorite places to serve (and sure beats lavatory detail any day!). It was a very special week and we were so glad to be there. As the participants worshipped our Awesome God – whether in Spanish or Korean or English or Portuguese or quietly in their hearts – and shared what the Lord was doing on a variety of mission fields all over the world, I was impressed with their unity and spirit. God is truly evident in this ministry.


Thursday and Friday – The Fitzpatrick Sweep begins
By Thursday the guys had pretty much run out of work to do (and it was too late to start a new project since it was our last day of work), so they worked on “getting ready to leave” chores. Naomi and I were still pretty busy in the main kitchen, so we left them to their own devices (and I was very pleasantly surprised to find Gary washing our kitchen floor when I got back!). We pulled out just a little after 1PM – and began our drive south. By next Friday (the 28th) we should be Talladega, Alabama getting settled at Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center where we will be for our October project. BUT, on the way there we are enjoying several stops along the way to see family (all of whom belong to my sister Joie and her husband Fitz). In what has become our standard operation procedures, we stopped for geocaches at almost every rest stop we went by. (BTW – the rest stops along the PA Turnpike are some of the least attractive ones we’ve come across. Ugh.) After we tucked Lizzie in on a dead end street outside of Carlisle (where friends of J&F live) we headed over the mountain to Green Park. Yep, we even hunted down a cache on the top of the mountain at the Hawkwatch at Wagonners’s Gap. Here are a couple of pictures from that adventure! Here’s Gary at the top of the hawk watch-

Gary at the top
This is the view looking north into Perry County-
Waggoner's Gap North
And this is the view looking south into the Carlisle area. The day was hazy, but the views were amazing nonetheless!
Waggoners Gap South

Friday Joie & I headed out to “the Pike” to do some wedding shopping (their daughter Abby is getting married in November) and have some good old fashion girl time. While we were catching up, Gary got in 12 geocaches, several with my nephew-in-law Brian and two of his kids. He said he saw some gorgeous spots, but since he didn’t have the camera, it’s only a rumor. It was a good day for all involved! We left after a lovely breakfast on Saturday and headed south to Front Royal, VA.

Saturday and Sunday – Dr. Mike and family
After a couple more stops to find caches at rest stops along the way, we arrived at my nephew (J&F’s son) Mike & Robyn’s for two days in Front Royal, VA. Just in time for the Penn State/Michigan game. (I guess you know by now that the evening was a sad one for the Penn State fans in the house!) We’re parked in their drive right now and Robyn’s the cook of that delicious Sunday dinner. We’ve been enjoying a sweet kick-back visit – good food, good fellowship and it’s been fun to get re-acquainted with their 2 year old daughter Molly. This is our second visit here – and we’re always glad for the chance to come and sit a spell. (Plus we fit nicely into their driveway!) After our naps, we all went geocaching together. Molly was’t all that excited about the treasure hunt, and but she did enjoy the playground at our last stop (despite the fact I couldn’t get her to smile for the family portrait). However, the best smile of the day came when she climbed behind the wheel of Lizzie. Better watch out Mike & Robyn!

mollygeo mrmfitz


OK, so it’s a little later in the day and the nap is just a distant memory. We pulled out from the Fitzpatrick drive and moved to a Walmart down Interstate 81 about 20 miles. We’ll get an early start tomorrow as we head to Chattanooga to visit our niece Chris Fitzpatrick who just moved there to start her new job at Covenant College. It’s over 500 miles, and there are geo’s to do along the way – so it could be a long day on the road.

Stay Tuned for the Fitzpatrick Sweep, Part II!

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