Chattanooga Choo Choo

We’re wrapping up our time here at the Final Fitzpatrick stop. Niece Christiana moved to Chattanooga in July, but only moved into her house less than a month ago. We had a great visit! Her little neighborhood had room for Lizzie, so we’ve been parked right in front. (It’s so nice when we can bring our bedroom when we come for a visit!) – We checked out a little Italian restaurant on the riverfront (excellent), did some sofa shopping for the new place (found a great deal on a sofa & loveseat – being delivered Friday), took care of a couple of “new house” chores (we love you Gaaarrry, oh yes we do-oo) and just generally had a good visit. Today we head to the Tennessee Aquarium (yes, we’re breaking out some of those Tourist Dollars) and then we’ll be heading on our way to Huntsville, AL (and the Air & Space Museum). Guess I’ll get this posted before we head out – and then I can update (and get some pictures up!) later tonight.

Off we go to support the Chattanooga economy!

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  1. We visited that aquarium back in June – very nice. Not as nice as Baltimore’s, but nice enough. Hope you had a good time.

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