It’s Hot here in Alabama!

And they really need rain! We drove by the lake today, and all of the boat ramps are pretty useless. They end in the dirt. 🙁 It was pretty sad. But it was great weather for Race Weekend, where a quarter of a million (more or less) folks descend on Talladega to go to the big Ford 500 Race. The trucks raced on Saturday and NASCAR was there on Sunday (Jeff Gordon was the big winner in case you didn’t know). But the information I thought was the most interesting was if you were camping on the grounds (it’s free!), you could have your own porta-potty for a mere $105.00 for the entire weekend! What a deal. Just bring your own padlock (I think the TP was included)! We stayed pretty close to home during the comings and going time of the races, but the entire town was pretty much caught up in race fever. Two of our guys were given tickets for the truck race on Saturday – it was quite an experience from what they said. Here is a shot one of them took – it looks like they had pretty good seats!
Talladega Superspeedway 10/6/07
I can’t imagine the traffic tonight and tomorrow as everyone heads home. Or the amount of trash that will be left behind.

But we’ve had a good first week on the job. We girls did do one day in the office, but mostly we were in the laundry folding and folding and folding. I don’t think the laundry staff has been quite this caught up in a long time! And since there were plenty of guests here this weekend, I’m thinkin’ we’ll be folding sheets most of the week (or putting them on beds!). We all work together and it makes the time go quickly. The guys have been working on those 7 rooms, plus a couple of them are rebuilding some decks. They are a bunch of hard working of guys!
Some of the other highlights of the week…..
Fast Food Progressive Dinner
You start out at Sonic with a half price burger and a yummy limeade, and you finish off at McDonalds with a $.99 hot fudge sundae. $8.00 for the two of us. Pretty sweet, eh? And we just found out that the Mexican restaurant in town has $5.00 specials on Tuesday night. I think it’s a no-brainer!
Geocaching with friends
We took Lee and Esther out with us on Friday and worked on getting them addicted to geocaching. It was fun to explore the area with them, and they really enjoyed the hunt. As they were hunting in the woods for a cache, I was busy snapping pictures of the beautiful morning glories by the side of the road –

Roadside Morning Glory Morning Glory with Daisies

Morning Glory Beauty

Worship at The Church at Brook Hills
A group of us drove into Birmingham to worship at The Church at Brook Hills this morning. The director of this conference center (Shocco Springs) and his family drive there every week (it’s about 40 miles each way). I’m not a huge fan of Mega Churches (and this is certainly one with about 3500 in attendance every Sunday), but this was an amazing service. Everything about the service – the worship, the baptism and testimony time, the message was all so very Christ centered. It really IS all about Jesus. I brought home a sermon CD – and I’m looking forward to listening again. By the end of the service we could see why the folks here make the drive. I think we’ll be making it again next week!

On deck for this week…..
Well, besides the trip to the Mexican Restaurant, we’re also planning a miniature golf tournament and maybe a hot-dog roast! You never know what just might lie around the corner!
Here are a couple more pictures of our location. I took these on my early morning walks around the lake (all 4 of them!) – that’s our campground up on the hill. (You can almost make out the orange truck)
Shocco Lake Early Morning
In this one it’s a little harder to see the “campground” but I love the reflection in the lake.
Shocco Lake Early AM

I’ll keep you posted on how that golf tournament goes!

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  1. I love those morning glories. It looks like they have a little light source deep down inside and it’s glowing. Thanks for sharing them.

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