Our replacement vehicle

So we’re still having trouble with the truck. It hasn’t been right since we towed it off the mountain in Vermont. A new fuel pump was installed in Vermont, but since the problem continued (like not starting), our mechanic thought maybe a defective fuel pump had been installed. Due to warranty issues, we had to go back to a Dodge dealer. We followed all the proper procedures, and left the truck (along with all the paperwork) at the Talladega Dodge dealer. Upon their evaluation, it’s not the fuel pump but the fuel injectors (which apparently are NOT the same thing!). Of course, today everything seems to be just fine (at least it’s still at the garage so they are the ones scratching their heads!). All of this information is just to introduce you to our New Truck –
Temporary Truck

Gary’s got his tools all loaded up – but I’m not so sure it’s going to work on the open road! 🙂

This morning all 12 of us went to the Alabama Industries for the Blind facility. It was a very interesting tour. ALL of the neck ties worn by the US military are made in this facility. ALL OF THEM. Among their other military contracts, they are making the camo covers for the military helmets. That was pretty cool. We have a retired Army guy on our team, so he was explaining all of the ins and outs of these covers. Their other products include brooms and mops, paper products (like steno pads and easel pads), safety vests for road workers…… It was inspiring to see them manage sewing machines, cutting machines, irons, and other production machinery with confidence and accuracy. Really, quite a tour!

It’s finally feeling like Fall! The temperature are dropping into the high 40’s during the night – and the days are crystal clear and in the low 70’s. (It was 90 earlier this week!). I can’t say the fall colors have arrived, but the beautiful deep blue sky still makes me feel “Fall”.
Trees against the blue sky
If you’d like to see some beautiful fall garden colors – check out my friend Lynne’s Mountain Vistas page. There are some beauties there!

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  1. Well, it was just a loaner! But it sure came in handy around here over the weekend. This is a huge facility – so it was nice to be able to get around with the cart. Still no word on the truck 🙁 The guy today said it’s still “holding pressure” which I think means that everything is checking out ok, so it’s still a puzzlement. We DO need it back soon, though since we are leaving here on Friday.

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