A little walk about…..

Daisies by pond Entrance Plant

Pond Lily Lily Pond

talking cow

Not too much to report here in Bonifay, but I thought you might enjoy these pictures that I took during my walk one day last week. I think the cow is trying to say something, just not sure what!
I’ve finally put the sewing machine away, and now I’m busy packing and organizing for our trip north. I’m still doing just odds and ends around campus, but I do think I have identified the Best Job on Campus. Serving Dinner. Yep, the kitchen manager and helpers do all the prep, get everything ready to go, and then they go home. We step in, serve these hungry boys dinner, get all the thank-yous, and then leave the mess for the kitchen detail. Yes, indeedy do, now that’s a great job!

Back to the packing…….

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