After almost 4 weeks on the road, tonight I am sitting in my own chair, I am putting my clean clothes away in my own drawers and I will be sleeping in my own bed! And I must confess, the feeling is wonderful.
I have so much to process and share with you all – and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to up-date all of our comings and goings. Plus, while we were in Marysville, I purchased a new computer. I’m excited about it, but am still working on the big change-over. (Like my pictures are on the old one, and I’m typing on the new one!) So, please be patient with me, I’ll get more pictures and details out soon!

But for now, we’re safe and sound back at Teen Challenge. The truck was finally fixed “all the way”, and we had a safe final leg of our month long journey.

Home. A very good word.

2 thoughts on “HOME!”

  1. Glad you are back safely and that all is well….with you AND the truck!

    Are you guys going to still be in Bonifay after the first of the year? We are now signed up for January and may extend through February. Look forward to seeing you again!

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