And now for 2008 ~

I guess we all do it – make those resolutions. At least we give some thought to things we would like to do better or do less or do more or not do at all. Here are a couple I’ve thought about….

  • Move more – Eat less. Last night I took care of that ice cream in the freezer, so at least THAT temptation is over! (it was pretty good!)
  • Read More – Read Better. A couple of books have been on my nightstand just a little too long – True Spirituality by Francis Schaeffer and The Gospel for Real Life by Jerry Bridges remain while the fun fiction RV There Yet by Diann Hunt (how could I resist!) was read in just a couple of days. Hmmm. Gotta work on that one.
  • Stay connected – not just by journaling here at, but by staying in touch by email, snail mail or phone. Life on the road makes staying in touch just a little bit tougher.
  • And then there’s the ever present……
    End up west of the Mississippi by the end of 2008. Right.

To close out my thoughts about the coming year, I’d like to share a prayer from a devotional book – Life as a Vapor by John Piper.

Lord, grant that we will love Christ above all things. And may we spend our pilgrim life learning to love this world les and heaven more. Put us out of taste with the delicacies of the devil, and give us a liking for the solid joys of Christ. Guard us from the allurements of the lodging of this journey, and fix our eyes on the end. And so, Father, make us useful to this world, loving, helping, serving here, while leading people up to God.
In Jesus Name,

One thought on “And now for 2008 ~”

  1. I love the prayer by J Piper, a favorete preacher pf Peter’s with whom I have just become acquainted. I could say Amen, too.

    Had lunch with Dale Creighton and she told me of your blog so thought I would say hello. My neice lives in Dothan, AL. Is that where you are?

    It is bitter cold here – 20 degrees – but sunny and a GOOD day. I love the fire burning in the fireplace and an apple crisp in the oven. Come on by . . .

    Love, Fred and Ginger

    p.s. Grace is the most beautiful baby — just a dream. Pete and Leslie are SO enjoying her!

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