Outta here!

OK – so we’re not going far, but in about a half hour we are taking off for a whole weekend!!! Whooeeee! We’ll be heading to Albany, GA to visit our friends Drew and Frances and we’ll so looking forward to our visit with them AND being off campus for a spell. It’s been a very busy month (especially for Gary who ended up as to “go to” guy for the 10 Sower men who were working here), and it will be nice to be more away than our weekly drive to Dothan!

Busy-ness aside, it has been a great month! The 10 Sower couples here plus the 10 other volunteer couples made for a busy and fun neighborhood! It was very sad yesterday as we began to say our good-byes to the couples that are heading out. It really is amazing how close we all become in just those short weeks. And a great blessing also! Three couples left early this morning and four will be gone by the end of next week. But three couples will be staying for another month – Yippee! Most of the other volunteers are not on our Sower “schedule”, so they’ll be hanging around, but the neighborhood really seems to be emptying out! Have I ever told you what we say to departing friends – We’ll see you again – here, there, or in the air! What a wonderful thing to be part of the Family of God!

New scenery – here we come!

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