Not much going on….

Since I am sure you are getting a little tired of hearing about my kitchen capers, I thought I’d try to take at least one picture a day and share them with you. I’m going to try to post them each day – but let’s be real, that might not happen! But, since I came up with the plan Wednesday, I’ll start with yesterday…..
So on Wednesday ~
we took a walk to the barn to see a newborn calf – and were almost run over by a couple of horses! (I tried and tried, but could not get rid of the white eyes – anyone have a suggestion?

Heading out horse barn1

And then on Thursday (that would be today)~
we went on a peanut factory tour. I must admit the local folks that work here were quite puzzled about why we would be interested in a peanut factory, but aside from the noise, it really was interesting. Most of the peanuts there are shelled and processed for seeds, but the halves and “jumbos” go to their parent company, Fisher Nuts. And from there they go into Snickers, and M&Ms, and all of your other favorite peanut candy! This was a small operation, and it was still pretty impressive!

Peanut Factory 1 Peanut Factory 2

And now for some real excitement – we’re under a tornado watch and we’re ready to evacuate to the barracks if necessary. Yikes!

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