Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Today was a very special day for our granddaughter, Eliana Grace. She turned 5. Five. FIVE! Oh my goodness, just when did all that time go by!!!! I’m sure if we’re amazed at how fast those years went, Toby & Tammy must really be scratching their heads! But then again, they have their hands pretty full these days, so they probably are doing that much head scratching!
So here’s the birthday girl – looking very “5” don’t you think!
And here are the two big sisters-

And if there are big sisters, there must be a little sister….
maddie.2 I can’t believe how much she’s grown and changed!!! And are those blue eyes???? Oooooooo

We thought it would be fun to compare Maddie at 3 months with Ellie and Hayley at (close to) the same age, so after a fair bit of searching through the archives –

Ellie Hayley
Ellie at 6 months Hayley at 3 months

and Maddie

Yep, I think they are definitely related!!!

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