The days are getting away from me!

And I didn’t even get a post done on Sunday!! Geez, what’s going on here! Pretty much the weekend was full of eating too much (Chinese buffet on Friday and then a local buffet on Sunday. Gah – way too much food!!!!) and hanging around TC. But it was a good weekend all in all. I got some chores done (though my list is still pretty long), managed a nap or two and finished a good book. As a bonus, since we weren’t cooking on Sunday we went into Bonifay to see a concert given by a local rising star – Grace Bailey. She’s only 15 – but had quite a stage presence! She was really singing her heart out for Jesus :-). It was a good concert, and I’m glad we were able to go.

OK – for the daily pictures. I’m a failure. I’m giving up on the daily part of the plan (what a surprise!), but I will continue to try little interesting tidbits on a more regular basis. Honest.
But for now….remember how our home looks out onto a cow pasture? I think I posted some calf pictures before. Of the 30 cows that live there, almost all of them were (or are) pregnant. Right now there are about 16 littl’un out there, and they have been very fun to watch. Unfortunately, they mostly stay to the back of the field, so I haven’t had many good photo ‘ops’ (believe me, I’ve tried!). But Sunday afternoon I noticed a whole crowd of them right up against the fence pretty close to the front. I grabbed my camera to see if I could get any good shots. cows1
But as I got close I could see why they were all clustered by that fence – two of their babies had found their way to the other side and couldn’t find their way back. cows3 And my what a racket they were making!!! All was resolved shortly, though – and the “easy access” spots in the fence were fixed!

And at the risk of too many cute calf pictures – here’s one from the front field. He was actually right by the fence, so I couldn’t resist. calf1

OK – that’s the last of the cow pictures for a while. I promise!
Maybe I should check for some chicken head shots?

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