It was a bit nippy yesterday morning –
But nothing compared to the day my friend Lynne woke up to….
ice2thumbIt’s beautiful, I admit, but I like the hint of green I see in my picture! (and the fact it’s heading to the high 60’s today!)
Enough about the weather…..

Last night (to celebrate Valentine’s Day?) we went to the boys’ basketball game. They are in a league with the Baptist College down the road in Graceville. As I understand it, it’s an intramural league made up of teams from the college and Teen Challenge. What our boys might lack in size they make in stamina (it’s those daily 5:30AM workouts), and both Varisty and JV won! It was great fun to watch – lots of us old folks went to cheer them on.

Varsity Game basketball1

There are two dad’s here, volunteering their skills (electrician and plumber) for a couple of weeks. They somehow got on the team – and had lots of fun playing with their sons. Here’s Paul at the foul line.
Paul on the foul line
(Pretty much they were happy to end the game uninjured!) 🙂

Hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely!

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