A hot time in the old town tonight!

Whoeee – a whole Saturday with no official responsibilities!!!!! We slept in (well, a little – till 7:30), watched a couple of quilting shows on PBS (ok, so that was more fun for me than for Gary), and then grabbed some friends and headed to Dothan. Aside from a short shopping list, we were actually planning on doing some geocaching – something we hadn’t done for quite a while! We only did a couple, but it was fun to get back in the game. And we were able to introduce our friends Joan and Bob to the fun! Here we are at a small Veterans’ Memorial in town.
bobandjoan geocaching

After our Walmart-Sams Club-Home Depot – call all the kids time in Dothan we headed back to the ranch with plenty of time for a quick nap and some down time before our next excitement – Bluegrass and Gospel at a local restaurant in Bonifay.
Here’s a shot of the “down time” –
garygaming 🙂

The band was pretty good – you know, for local talent. Probably wouldn’t make it to Nashville, but they were certainly having a good time – as were we!
Here they are – the Panhandle Express (or at least the ones that showed up!). Except for the kid on the banjo, it was a pretty “mature” group!
Hot time in the Old Town

We’re heading to bed -but it really was a grand old Saturday. The weather was lovely (sunny and seventy), the chores were light, the fellowship (and entertainment) was sweet and any day that we talk to all the kids is a very good day!

Sweet dreams!

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  1. I really like your new desk set up. I think you were just planning that when I last saw your home.

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