A day out with the girls!

So today was a little different than our last jaunt into Dothan! OK, Gary was still the driver – he had several TC related errands to do and offered to be our chauffer so we ladies could all ride together on our official Ladies Day Out. Gary dropped us off at a strip mall that featured a Christian Bookstore, a Hancock fabric store and a Tuesday Morning store. What more could we ask for! He picked us up in time for us to do lunch at Mildred’s Tea House while he went on to Sam’s Club to pick up some birthday cakes for two of the boys. A quick stop at the Salvation Army (really, what is a day out with the girls if we don’t stop at at least ONE thrift shop?), a drive by the World’s Smallest City Block (don’t ask, it’s in the guide book!), and a quick stop at the DQ, and we were on our way home. Just in time to squeeze in a nap before we all gathered together again for a hot dog roast and good ol’ just hangin’ around fellowship. Sigh. A very nice day out. It’s so good to have a day off, and even though Gary was officially doing TC stuff, I think even he enjoyed driving the gang of us around. 🙂
The smallest block – and the ladies at Mildred’s

Smallest block in the world Ladies Day Out March

Hard at work

Above are the guys, working hard, back at the ranch!

Tomorrow it’s ham sandwiches and cheesy broccoli soup for lunch and PIZZA for dinner (with one of those birthday cakes for dessert!) Gotta love those birthday boys!

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