Sorry it’s been so quiet…..

But life here has been pretty routine. I’ve had an electronically challenging weekend – where the computer suddenly couldn’t find the DVD/CD ROM and the camera was suddenly taking completly over-exposed pictures. Grrrrrr. After a couple of exchanges with HP (Hewlett Packard), flashing bios and such, we got the computer problem solved (although I have been getting periodic Blue Screens of Death for no apparent reason – could be signs of trouble ahead). Looks like the camera might have a defective CCD image sensor (whatever that is!) – the good news is that if it is that problem they will fix it FREE (even though it’s over 4 years old). Of course I have to ship it away and they cannot guarantee how soon it will be returned. Being camera-less for a couple of weeks would normally not be a problem (given our routine routine), but since I’m heading to California is just 5 days :-), I’m pretty bummed about that. It might just be time for a new camera – but since we just bought this new computer, I’m not sure the budget can afford the camera I would like (not that I even know what that is, but I know I have expensive taste!). So in case you’re reading, Lara – looks like I’ll be playing with YOUR camera while I’m out there!

But since the camera is still working sometimes, here are a couple of shots from this past week –
Pizza Night!
We had back-to-back Birthday Pizza nights this past week! Phew, that’s a lot of carbs! And that doesn’t count the birthday cake that followed the pizza each night! I must confess it does make for a easy night in the kitchen though!

Saturday Free Time……
horseride 1
I haven’t been on a horse since my horseback adventure last year – but these guys seem to be having fun! Sometimes Joe (the horse guy) takes them out on trail rides. You never know, I may just get back up one of these days!

We’ve been blessed with some beautiful weather lately, and the rest of the week is expected to be in the mid to high seventies. Ah. Of course it does mean that the tree pollen is at an all time high (aaaaaccchhhhooooo!), but it’s been so lovely, we’ve adapted!
Hope Spring is working it’s way to you too!

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