Two is the number of sons we have been blessed with. So often while working here at Teen Challenge I see boys who come from broken and messed up families. Absentee dads, addicted moms, boys placed by the state. But some of these boys are from middle America Christian homes. Christian school, good churches, caring families. My family. My boys. I don’t know why God spared us the heartache of that type of rebellion, but in His infinite mercy, He did. And for that I am eternally grateful!

Two is also the number of daughters-in-law we have been blessed with. Beautiful girls, inside and out.

Two is the number of brand new windshield wipers we have.
And two is the number of trys it took before we got the right ones.

Two is also the number of granddaughters who did NOT get their pictures posted yesterday – So…. here are Hayley and Maddie

Hayley sq Maddie 0508 sq

Two is the number of pictures I have picked out from my Teen Challenge 08 collection to share with you. It’s been fun to look back over our seven months here (in pictures) and pick a couple of favs to share (again!).
foggy morning1-edge

talking cow-1

And two is the number of days left to wrap up the loose ends, do all the rest of the laundry, stow away all the last minute stuff (like putting the toaster oven in the microwave!), and say our farewells.

Really, I think it’s one day and a wake-up at this point!

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