ONE is the number of daughters I have been blessed with. She’s never quite forgiven me for not supplying her with a sister, but I think she’s gotten over it! She’s been waiting patiently in California for us to arrive and thank goodness for airplanes, ‘cause this RV hasn’t made it that far yet! We love her to pieces!

ONE is the number of how many new foals are in the “nursery”. Have you noticed that our horse guy (how’s that for a technical term) loves “Paints”. He’s been delighted with this batch of babies!
New Foal-1

ONE is the number “camp” dogs here at Teen Challenge. This is Baby, and she has been part of the family for about four years, having arrived as a stray. We often find her snoozing under the RV or running after us as we head to the kitchen.
baby and blueberry

ONE is the number of ripe blueberries on this little potted plant, and ONE is the number of blueberries I resisted the temptation to pick! Might be awhile before there’s enough for a pie, though!

And hot off the press, ONE is the number of brand new great nieces that was born today! Congrats to Tim and Rachel Ilsley on the safe arrival of little Michele Rose. michele rose ilsley
Isn’t she beautiful?

And of course, ONE is the number of nights we have left here at Teen Challenge. Just a wake up to go!

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