So far behind!

I am so far behind that this is all I can do:
Carpenters for Christ
In ten days it went from this –
cfc 1
To this –
cfc 29
Ten Days – about 150 men – and several 100+ degree days. God is so very gracious!
Toby said it was like being at a Promise Keepers Rally, but with actual work going on! If you’d like to see the progression from start to finish, the rest of the pictures are here.
(The slideshow is nice, but the captions don’t show up like in the still detail shots!)


queenanneslace pinkpondlilies
gardenshop4 gardenshop3
gardenshop2 gardenshop1
vermont08-1 vermont08-2

(can you find the second deer in that last picture?)
Those were shots from our Ladies Day Out – not quite our traditional Girls’ Week, but the hours, though short, were precious indeed!

The Cabin

cabin08-4 copy cabin08-1
IMG_0583_edited-1 IMG_0581_edited-1
IMG_0580_edited-1 cabin08-3


A young girl stopped by to check out some wetland issues, and as she approached the cabin she looked around and said – “Wow, this is really spectacular!” Yep. That it is!

Blessing, upon blessing – A wonderful family cabin, and wonderful family to fill it with!

The Four Siblings –
All with our original spouses – (no mean feat these days!)
And then there was the board meeting – it was so nice to all be together!

Ok – that brings us almost up to date! Right now we are enjoying time in Marysville, OH with Toby and Tammy and their beautiful daughters. The guys are working hard on a new deck, and I’m just enjoying being inside with the girls – big and little. Which leads me to warn you – the next post will be FULL of pictures of grandbabies!

Here’s a sneak preview…
Just thought I’d better warn you!

3 thoughts on “So far behind!”

  1. oh, look at that little maddie face!

    it’s incredible that you are all still married to your original spouses!

    will you still be here next week when lara arrives?

  2. 🙁 Sadly, we won’t still be here! We’ll be heading to our little house on Monday (T&T leave Monday for her brother’s wedding too!). We need to be in Arkansas by Thursday – and we’ve been away from home for a month! Yikes! The suitcase thing is getting a little old to say the least!

  3. Your photos of the project you’ve been working on have been inspiring. We are temporarily stopped taking care of a family matter but we’ve been thinking of doing something for others when we get moving again. Also, the cabin and it’s setting are gorgeous! Thanks for posting.

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