We love checking out new areas! And even though we were here in this general area three years ago, there is still much to see and do. We have found that one of the best ways to find those little out of the way spots is to crank up the hand-held GPS and go geocaching! We concentrated on Harrison, the closest “city” to us. Harrison (population 13,000+/-) has some interesting industry – besides being a major Tyson chicken processing/raising area, it is also the East general office of FedEx. It also is home to the largest manufacturer of whiteboards, chalkboards and bulletin boards and home to one of two major parking meter manufacturers in the US. Who knew? See what stuff you can find out at a Visitors’ Center?
But here is where our travels (and treasure hunts) took us –
There is actually a lovely little lake (Lake Harrison, get it?) that borders the town. And there are two geocaches hidden there! Here is Gary traipsing through the poison ivy to retrieve one –
(glad I had the photo detail!)
Along that trail there was a path up to a cave – it seemed kinda spooky, so I just snapped a picture and didn’t climb the steps!
It wasn’t all leafy trails though –

We did head into the original town square – and spotted this eye-catching building –
Eyes at Harrison Sq
Good use of interesting brickwork, don’t you think?

Outside of town we found a cache near this building -Anyone know what it is?
VOR bldg
(and it’s NOT a Mexican restaurant waiting for a paint job!). It’s the Harrison V.O.R. Ok, so you’re still puzzled? It’s short for
VHF Omni-directional Radio Range – and if that is just a little more confusion, check out the explainatin here! It seemed like a pretty curious building, but our little geocache directions said –
“Do not approach the VOR facility under any circumstances.” Gulp. We stayed outside the fence!
And finally we drove to the top of Gaither Mountain, and were blessed with this view –
gaither Mountain view
…and we found the cache that was hidden nearby!

So it was a good weekend getting aquainted with the area. There are several quilt shops in the area that might need some further investigation. 🙂

Extreme Camp has begun, but from the kitchen it looks pretty much the same. Just some bigger bodies going through the line! Today was a baking day – chocolate chip cookies for lunch and then I was the roll baker for dinner.
Blob of dough –
Turned into these yummy rolls – all 14 dozen!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll share what Gary’s been doing!

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