Quick post – We have made it to OKLAHOMA!!!! In fact, we’re more than half way (if you don’t count the panhandle!) across the state! OKLAHOMA – doesn’t that sound WEST?????
We had a great time in Branson – resisted the sales pitch, saw a show with friends (thank-you to Scott and Beth for your comp tickets!!!), visited the famous Lambert’s Cafe – home of the Throwed Rolls (literally – you raise your hand if you want a warm fluffy roll, and they throw you one!!!), checked out Table Rock Lake (and the dam and fish hatchery nearby!) ….lots and lots of fun!

Right now we’re at a Walmart in Enid, Oklahoma – and we’re going to buy Diesel for under $4.00 a gallon. Isn’t it sad that that makes me HAPPY??? I’ll try to get pictures and more details of our recent adventures posted when I have a more secure connection. Right now I’m “borrowing” one from MacDonalds and I don’t know when it will kick out. Maybe tomorrow we’ll be in more Verizon-friendly territory!

Oklahoma…..my oh my!

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