It started so very long ago…..

About 43 years ago, my sister’s boyfriend introduced me to a fellow that was living next door to him. Our first date – December 28, 1965.
(that’s not actually a picture of our first date – we were at a youth group retreat. But it was taken in January 1966! Pretty close, doncha think???)
I was a tender 14 (yikes, what was my mother thinking!!!!), he was a mature 15 1/2 (you can tell by the picture, can’t you?).
I will not tell you that we dated steadily from that time on, but by 1971 we were tying the knot. (Again, what were my parents thinking, letting their 19 year old daughter drop out of college and get married!!!!) But by the grace of God (and ONLY the grace of God), we managed to make things work and here we are –

37 years married today – almost 43 years from that first date!

Phew! Don’t we have an amazing God?

PS – I’m doing this post as we’re driving around Colorado Springs. I still can’t upload pictures from our rig, but I have way too many to do on this quick trip into town. So be prepared – if I ever get things straightened out with the IT guy (or find a couple of spare hours to spend at a Starbucks), you’ll be blasted with pictures and stories! Just lettin’ you know!

One thought on “It started so very long ago…..”

  1. Those are the sweetest photos ever. Happy anniversary to you and many more.

    God is good! I love your blog.

    Susan (a fellow RVer)

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