Catching up, looking back, changing plans

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Much to my amazement, tomorrow is our last day at this project. It always seems that these three weeks fly by, and this has been no exception. Not only is this a beautiful project, but we were privileged to work with wonderful people as we served together. The men were busy doing lots of different maintenance chores – repairing roads, rebuilding bridges, remodeling The Chalet – housing for different volunteers, even building picture frames. With nine willing (and competent) men working, there was a lot accomplished. This is a huge facility – there’s the castle –
Glen Eyrie Castle
built by the founder of Colorado Springs, plus there are 5 other building for guests and probably another 4 buildings that house employees and volunteers. Then there’s the Volunteer Center (Gate House) and the Carriage House (which houses the main desk, book store, and a lovely courtyard). Needless to say, there is ALWAYS something to be done! The guys have been very busy. We ladies have been either in housekeeping, helping out with sewing some amazing costumes for the annual Madrigal Dinner they have during the Christmas holiday, or working in the maintenance office. I have actually been doing a little bit of each. One of my jobs was to count up, photograph and then organize the data for every guest and exterior door in those 6 guest buildings. It was quite a bit of fun, getting to see all the different buildings and rooms up-close – especially since we got to drive around our own golf cart. Gee, I love those things!

Pink House walk on grounds
Glen Eyrie 5 IMG_2119_edited-1

We will be sad to leave here – we’ve made some good friends, seen some beautiful sights, and still have a long list of things we’d like to see and do in this area. But the high altitude has been very hard on Gary’s breathing, so leave we must. But the good news is where we are going next.
But before that –
For those of you that have been waiting with baited breathe to see ALL the pictures I’ve been taking since we left Arkansas – here you go. (and trust me, these really aren’t ALL the pictures!!!)
The Road to Colorado – way too many pictures here, but if you really want to see – go HERE

Bent’s Old Fort – – remember that interesting supply fort in southern Colorado?

Colorado Springs Balloon Festival…did I mention that before? It was our first hot air balloon festival, and it was gorgeous!
Balloon Festival 13
Bunches more – HERE

Did you want to see more on Dodge City? A picture of Boot hill? More cattle feed yards? A giant Wyatt Earp?
Here you go!

Remember that drive up Pike’s Peak? Here’s a whole batch of pictures from that day (plus a couple of Pike’s Peak from down here!). Be prepared for lots of blue sky!

More pictures from Glen Eyrie are here. I wish we had been able to do some hiking on these grounds. We are less than a mile from Garden of the Gods, and share some of the same amazing rock formations. Maybe next time!

And for a sampling of all kinds of Colorado Pictures – check it out here

Ok, enough of the pictures, already!!!!! (At least I didn’t MAKE you look at all of them!)

Back to our plans for next month.
Instead of continuing to head West, we have decided to take a small detour and head back to Texas so we can touch base with Lara. I know, I know, it’s EAST, but we are thrilled be able to work in a visit with The Daughter! We’ll be working at the Riverbend Retreat Center in Glen Rose, TX (about an hour away from Waco). After the project we’ll head to Waco to give her a hand as she moves into her house! It’s an exciting time for her, and we are excited to be able to be a help to her. Don’t despair about our westward trek – we’re signed up for a project outside of Tucson, AZ for November. I think we’ll be right back on track!

Now go click on some of those links for goodness sake!

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  1. I loved seeing your pictures. There were a couple of links that didn’t take me where I thought they should(The Bent’s Old Fort and Glen Eyrie) but I enjoyed those I could see. Glad to have you back to being unblocked. 🙂

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