Almost There

After two long days on the road, we are parked just 20 miles from our October project – Riverbend Retreat Center down the road in Glen Rose, TX. The drive was long (today was over 1o hours), but since every inch of road was new to us, it was still enjoyable. We started this morning in Dumas, TX (outside of Amarillo), drove through oil fields and cattle fields, and horse pastures and more cattle fields. We passed a field of windmills and had about a dozen parts of windmills on the roads heading for assembly. On the way to Texas we drove up a volcano (another shelf road and we were only in the truck, don’t worry!!), saw herd after herd of pronghorn antelope, and went from the Raton Pass at almost 8000 feet to flat flat flat. But I have to say, the sight that surprised us most was this –
texas camels
Ummmmmm – camels?????

long day….yawn…..more later……..zzzzzzzzz

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