The Road Remembered

Yes, yes, yes. (No, no, no you might be thinking!). Remember, the name of this blog is RV There Yet – hence the focus (when at all possible) on the adventure of actually getting somewhere. And as many of you know there have been many stops and starts along the way (more stops that starts if often seems). So the fact that we are actually moving from place to place, and are also moving on totally new (to us) roads and into never before seen territory (for us) – yes, you will have to suffer through more pictures taken through the windshield or side windows of our house. Or, you can just surf over to another site, and come back again later. For those of you who wish to remain –
Gentlemen, start your engines!
So, we left Colorado Springs on Tuesday morning. We left Pike’s Peak behind and I thought we were headed into some lower territory. Wrong. It continued to amaze me how the terrain can be so very flat and just have those towering mountains so close at hand –
Drive to Waco-5
And look at those cool mountains up ahead! We were headed to Raton Pass – elevation 7834 ft. (and also a 1951 Western movie) – and New Mexico. Whohooo!
Drive to Waco-6
Heading down the other side…..
Drive to Waco-10
Now, I’ve never ever been to New Mexico – and I have to tell you that the little corner that we drove through had some amazing terrain –
We stopped at the Capulin Volcano. (Did you know there were volcano’s in NM? Am I the only one surprised (or did I sleep through that in 4th grade?)
Drive to Waco-29
Looking down into to (extinct) crater –
Drive to Waco-21
And looking out for the view –
Drive to Waco-22
Quite a landscape, eh?
Once we got back on our way, we passed this little lonely house. Don’t know why, but I really like this picture!
Drive to Waco-27
We passed many herds of pronghorn antelopes – they were pretty oblivious to the traffic whizzing by them-
Drive to Waco-33
I already went over the windmills and the fields of cattle and the CAMELS – did I mention this huge abandoned hotel in the little town of Mineral Wells, TX? Here is the Baker Hotel – all 14 floors and 450 rooms. It has been empty since 1960, but in the late 1920’s it was quite the place to be!
Drive to Waco-7

Although traveling on interstates is most often the quickest way to get from point A to point B, we always enjoy the non-interstate routes. This trip was mostly traveled on good local roads – and we thoroughly enjoyed the highways and byways on our way to Glen Rose (and Waco) Texas!
If you’d like to see the whole set of these On The Road shots – you can go HERE!
Have a great trip!

One thought on “The Road Remembered”

  1. It was fun to come along with you for the ride. I like your picture of the lonely little house too. It’s more than just a statement – It asks questions.
    Hope you’re having a nice visit in Texas.

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