My apologies!

I have been so busy rambling on about Pike’s Peak, Shelf Roads, Garden of the Gods, volcanos and camels in the fields of Texas, I have been remiss about posting updates and pictures of my beautiful granddaughters! Why didn’t anyone speak up?

Ellie has started Kindergarten!!!!
First Day of School
When did that happen?????
Ellie Back pack

Not only were Mom and Dad trying to adjust to this new phase in their lives – but little sister Hayley was having a hard time watching her go….
Off to school
Me too, me too. I want to go too!!!!!
But there were some changes in store for little Hayley too-
Remember this? –
Hayley helping with the Flowers
Well, she has a new look these days –
New Haircut for Hayley
Quite a change!

And the littlest one? She’s going to be one in a month. ONE!!!! Toby says Maddie is doing new things everyday – walking along the furniture, walking behind her little walk-behind thing (what are they called?), and generally being delightful.
Maddie standing
Yes, I can see the delightful!

And a final picture of the three of them –
bathtime fun
Ah, sisters!!!!

Oh, how we miss them!

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