And so the time moves on….

What a couple of GORGEOUS days we have just been blessed with!!! Monday night brought some crazy wild weather (no tornado warnings, but plenty of wind, rain, thunder and lightening!). But on the heels of that wild night came a day as crisp as sheets hung in the spring breeze! Or the fall breeze? Well, you know – low humidity, bright bright sunshine, temps in the 70’s. Today was just about the same, except maybe a smidge warmer. Gary and I took a walk down to the river yesterday –
Brazos River
And looking the other way…..
Brazos River - the other way
The retreat center is located on a hill (bluff?) above the river – here is a shot taken from the center’s grounds.
Overlook at Riverbend
Tomorrow is the last day of our second week here at Riverbend, and they’ve been keeping us busy! Gary and I started out together, working on a remodeling of a building that had housed summer staff into a two bedroom house. We (well, he mostly) tore out a wall, built closets, removed wall A/C units (and filled the holes), took down the wall paper (that was me! I also worked on taking the nails out of the trim so they could use it again.Yep, don’t know what they’d do without me!) Now he’s moved on the hanging kitchen cabinets, installing a bathroom cabinet/sink and building in a bathtub. And from there he will probably move to tiling the floor in the kitchen and baths. And I’ve moved on to
the laundry. Something I have a little bit of experience with!
Fold On!

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