We are still. The tires have stopped moving. The slides have been extended and the toaster oven has been released from the microwave. The water pump is off and the water is flowing freely. The hot water is on and the generator is off. And I must confess – it feels Very Good.
But before we plunge into our November project here at Sahuarita Christian Academy in Sahuarita, AZ (south of Tucson), I need to share our travel adventures for the past week. Last time I wrote we were at the Carlsbad Caverns, right? OK, then – let’s take it from there~
If it’s Tuesday, we must be in El Paso – We enjoyed the day just kind of toodling around this border town. There is a national park there – Chamizal National Memorial, that celebrates the amicable solution of a border dispute caused by the ever changing route of the Rio Grande. Since we know very little about the history of this area it was an interesting morning. From there we checked out their Mission Trail and then finished off with a couple of scenic drives, one of which led to this overlook –
The Rio Grande in concrete was the final solution to the border dispute. More El Paso Pictures – Here!

Wednesday we were takin’ care of business – sitting at a Camping World while they fixed our awning. The we headed to Las Cruces, NM, and after a good nights sleep (at the Sam’s Club parking lot), we headed to
White Sands National Monument which is located in the middle of the White Sands Missle Range. What an incredible change of scenery!
From this –
White Sands
to this –
White Sands-2
to this!
White Sands-11

White Sands-6

We went from watching the plow keep the roads and parking lot clear, to walking down a boardwalk and half expecting to see the ocean at the other end.
White Sands-18
It was a beautiful day at a beautiful location – check out the rest of the pictures HERE!

So – that was Thursday. By Friday we were in Deming, NM where we parked Lizzie and headed north to Gila Cliff Dwellings National Park. It was a very scenic drive – windy and narrow and very beautiful. We were very thankful that we had come in just the truck!
Gila Cliff Dweller Day
Gila Cliff Dweller Day-2
Gila Cliff Dweller Day-12
Oh – and the cliff dwellings….
Gila Cliff Dweller Day-17

Another excellent day – Late October is a great time to be a tourist. We had the tour guide all to ourselves! The rest of the set is HERE!

Saturday we were officially on our way to Sahuarita! Arizona Here We Come! But first, we decided to take in one last National Park. Fort Bowie, since it was practically on the way. Little did we know the adventure ahead!
I guess we should have been suspicious that the name of the road was “Apache Pass Road”, but it was paved and looked just fine.
Fort Bowie
It even has a center dotted line! However, after about 10 miles it turned into this …..
Fort Bowie-2
and then this…..
Fort Bowie-3
So that by the time we reached to top – (and I started breathing again) – the truck looked like this –
Fort Bowie-4
Because, yes folks, we were doing this in the RV!!!!
The hike to the fort was about 1 1/2 (hot, uphill) miles. It was a good hike – lots of interesting sites (and sights) along the way. See Lizzie in the background, waiting patiently for our return?
Fort Bowie-9
We were the first hikers to make it to the top –
Fort Bowie-16
and after a good rest in the shade and lots and lots of water, we made the return hike. Once back at the parking lot we un-hooked the truck so Gary could turn Lizzie around and we headed back down the mountain. It was quite an adventure – and personally one that I DON”T need to repeat (at least the drive part!)!
(and the rest of those pictures are HERE)

Sorry this has been so long – but I just needed to get caught up and I figured I’d just bite the bullet (and bring you along) and wrap it up in one giant post. Thanks for hanging in until the end!
But one last picture – our beautiful Sunday Sunset
sahuarita sunset

PS – Happy Birthday, Connie!

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  1. I enjoyed all your pix. Made me want to be there. But hey, no close ups of those cute little lizards? 😀
    Hope you have a great project.

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