Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday……

Still trying to get up to date….
Tuesday and Wednesday were stay at home and get stuff done days! I was responsible for an apple pie for our Thanksgiving dinner and I wanted to get some potholders made for a hostess gift. Plus there are always the “packing up to get ready to move” chores. They were pretty productive days –

Thanksgiving pie AZ potholder

Wednesday was actually the first day that we had rain since we have been here (we’re in the desert, remember?). Everyone was pretty excited – but we were certainly blessed by this sign of God’s Promises to us –

Rainbow 1 Rainbow 2

(We could see the whole arc – but it was too big (or too close?) for me to get the whole thing in one shot. Please use your imagination and fill in the top!)
Thanksgiving has us moving up to Tucson where we joined 4 other Sower couples for a wonderful shared meal. It was a wonderful blessing for us to be with our Sower family, since our birth-family was very far away (and in many different places). We were able to park Lizzie nearby the dinner location, so we hung out there overnight and then took our short drive to Youth Haven Desert Ranch, our December project. But we had one stop to make first.
Remember my quest to find my grandparent’s house? Well, I decided I really wanted to go back and see if I could talk with someone. Going on some information from my cousin, I boldly (?) went to one of the houses and spoke to the owners. It turns out I had the wrong house (oops!), but they were very kind and pointed out the lot that they believed had indeed been Gramma and Louie’s. Those folks were not at home, but still and all it was good to speak to someone in the neighborhood. We snapped a picture of the house on the correct lot – don’t know if it is still the same house, but I’m sure it was just as nicely kept!
lazy 8
Enough nostalgia.

On to our December project. The mailing address is Picacho, AZ – and here is Picacho Peak –
Picacho Peak
And here is our new view –
New View

And we’re ready to get to work!

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  1. Your potholder looks great. How do you get the binding to look good on the back? Handwork? I’ve tried to do it with the machine many times and never been happy with the results.

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