The mystery unwrapped

Remember my mystery building from a couple of weeks ago?
Yesterday we took the afternoon to do a little more investigation. After signing a waiver of responsibility (should we worry?), we climbed up to the main part of the building. Here is the indoor skydiving “arena” –
It’s really just a big tube with viewing area around the outside. If you look up you can see the four giant fans that are sucking (and I mean SUCKING) the air up from the bottom and creating the up-draft and ability for folks to fly.
Looking up –
Looking down –
Shortly after we arrived several experienced sky-divers had a training session. It was pretty fun to watch –
But after they were done a group of “regular” folks had their turn. There were about 8 in this group – cashing in, I think, on some Christmas presents!
Ah, the adventure of flying!
This little one was my favorite –
Oh, the delight on her face!! Look, I’m FLYING!!!!
You too can enjoy the thrill of skydiving without actually getting in an airplane. Just come to Eloy, Arizona and sign that waiver. Oh, and get out your wallet. The price is $50.00/2 minutes. Yes, that’s 2 minutes! Or – you can do the extended plan – 4 minutes for $80.00. Or, you can just enjoy watching the excitement for a much more reasonable price. Free. Gotta love that!

While we were there we also got to watch a little real skydiving –
Not quite so “up close and personal”, but still fun to watch.

Tomorrow we’ll be busy cleaning and packing. We have a 6:30AM flight out of Phoenix on Tuesday morning, so we should be hugging those grandbabies (not to mention Toby, Tammy, and Lara) by dinnertime Tuesday. Josiah and Abigail should be there late Tuesday. 🙂
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to me!
One more holiday picture – You have to admire the creativity in Christmas decorations around here!
Christmas Deco-6

One thought on “The mystery unwrapped”

  1. I’m so glad you went back to check that building out. And post pictures!
    And your picture of the agave plants with Christmas balls on them reminded me of some of the stuff we saw in Hawaii two years ago. Pretty crazy.

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