A new View

This was our Monday morning wake-up view –
new view
Today dawned bright and sunny, but our pipes were frozen, so you know we’re not out of the winter woods yet! Our first two weeks here were unseasonably warm (but how were we to know?), and apparently this is a little more typical for winter here on the mountain.

palomar observatory
We finally made it to The Palomar Observatory on Sunday. While it’s open to the public, they don’t give tours during the winter months so we had to be content to just look around and visit their small museum. It was very interesting, and if it hadn’t been so cold we might have wandered around the grounds a little more. We had viewed a special on PBS – The Journey to Palomar in November, so it was very interesting to get up close and personal – and to drive on the roads that that massive (and fragile) 200 inch mirror had to travel to get up the mountain.
palomar observatory-1

This is our last week here at Palomar Christian Conference Center as we are pulling out on Friday and heading north to the San Francisco area. On the way we are planning on connecting with friends we haven’t seen in almost 30 years (and who actually have the same phone number!). We’re looking forward to seeing them, plus some additional sights along our route north.

The project we are heading for – Mission Springs Conference Center – is right near where Lara lived for the last four years. So while we’ve never worked there before, we have visited the site. And while we won’t have Lara nearby to act as a local tour guide, I imagine we’ll still have a great month!

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