Much needed rain

We’re settling in here at Mission Springs Conference Center in Scotts Valley, California. It’s located in the Santa Cruz Mountains between San Jose and Santa Cruz. Since it’s on the Santa Cruz side of the mountain we’re only at about 700 ft. elevation (as opposed to the 5000 ft. of last month) so we’re hoping that the lower elevation will be happier for Gary’s asthma.
But I think I left you all hanging back at the Super Bowl. (Pittsburgh won, btw – wasn’t it a good game?) Monday we took a scenic drive through the Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon. What an amazing drive that was! And true to form, I took picture after picture after picture. And as soon as I have a strong enough internet signal to actually upload more of them, I’ll be sharing them with you. But for now, I thought you would enjoy the landscaping around the visitor center –
sequioa day-15
We had a great day – and a wonderful long weekend with our friends, Dave and Trish, who were delighted to show off their mountains and orchards and local eateries! And we were delighted to have personal tour guides.
sequioa day-16
sequioa day-26
Dave and Trish had moved to Pennsylvania from their home state of CA around 1978 and we had become friends through Calvary Pres. in Willow Grove. Their oldest daughter, Christina (now an Air Force Doctor) was Lara’s age and their younger daughter, Cauleen (now a dentist) was just a couple of years younger. When Dave was offered a job back in California they jumped at a chance to move back home. They left Willow Grove in 1980 and I am sure we corresponded for a couple of years. I don’t exactly remember, but I’m sure by 1985 we probably had even stopped sending Christmas cards (I never was very good at that!). And yet, when I phoned them out of the blue last month (thank-you, they not only remembered us, but said they had just been talking about their time in Pennsylvania and wouldn’t it be fun to go back and track down those Conrads. Honest. Pretty crazy, isn’t it? Our reunion was lots of fun.
We hung around Visalia a little longer than we had planned because Gary had an asthma attack which developed into bronchitis. We checked out another Walk-in clinic, got some helpful drugs and Gary spend Tuesday pretty much asleep in the rig. We left on Wednesday afternoon, spent the night at the Costco parking lot in San Jose and pulled into Mission Springs Thursday morning.
And it’s been raining since we got here. But the locals are delighted since they need the rain badly and we are just making it a stay home and “veg” kind of day. While there is little or no cell phone here and though I can get on line it’s a very slow connection, they do provide cable TV!!! So, we’ve been O.D’ing on cooking shows, makeovers and the History Channel. Oh, and we’ve snuck in a couple of naps too!
Tomorrow I’m SURE we’ll be more industrious!

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