Introducing our new best friend – the Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinic

When you’re traveling, and you get sick you often just wait until you get home before you check in with your regular doctor. When you’re traveling full-time and are thousands of miles from your regular doctor, that option disappears. Although we are often given a doctor recommendation, we have found that when you are always a “new patient” you are often told that the next available appointment is early next week. Or late next week. And because when you are feeling really punk “next week” sounds like “next year”, we have ventured into the world of The Urgent Care Clinic. I always thought that “Urgent Care” meant just one step below an emergency room. What I’m finding is that Urgent Care really means being able to see a doctor as long as you don’t mind waiting. We have checked out clinics in New Mexico, Arizona, California. The one in NM we actually drove the RV too since we were traveling between projects. In Arizona we actually got to fill out all of the paperwork on line before we even left for the clinic! The longest we have ever waited was an hour and a half, and twice we were seen within a half hour. In every case we were pleased with the care we received. As a bonus, we often walked out with a record of what had happened during the visit. Nice. The last clinic, here in Scotts Valley, though has been exceptional. The wait was short and the staff professional. The doctor was quite concerned that Gary was feeling so weak and lethargic for so long (over a week) so she ordered several additional tests. And when they all came back normal (good news but still frustrating), she continued to check up on him for several days. SHE called US to see how he was doing. We were impressed.
And of course, the really good news is that today, for the first time in almost two weeks, Gary is feeling like himself. He’s been out working, his appetite is back, and he’s only taken one short nap today. And as I write, he’s back at his computer playing solitaire. True signs of back to normal!
And while he was out this morning, I was cleaning, doing laundry and generally reclaiming the house from a week of sickness. Man, it felt good. And the timing was perfect – a friend from high school is coming over later today for a visit. Yes, high school. I don’t know exactly how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other – probably close to 40 years. I found out she lived in San Jose right after I was here visiting Lara last spring, and didn’t want to let another opportunity go by! I’m stoked!
In other catch-up type news……
We’ve had one sunny day since we’ve been here. While it hasn’t rained all day every day, it has rained every day. And the weather station is calling for about another week of this. But with Gary feeling better, I feel like even the rain can’t dampen our spirits. Plus, the Bay Area really needs the rain. So we’ll just keep our rain gear handy and enjoy the showers! Here is the view from our front window –
mission springs view
I’ll try to get some other shots of the campus when the sun returns! There are some amazing redwoods here!
And speaking of redwoods – HERE is the full batch of our drive through the Giant Sequoia National Park last week.

PS – It is now several hours later (than when I wrote the above). My friend, Lanette, arrived and we have had a WONDERFUL visit. I’ve thought about people tonight that I haven’t thought of in years and years! God is so gracious to allow these wonderful re-connections! She is not only a dear friend from high school, but had also become a sister in Christ since our high school days. What a grand reunion!

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