Missing Month. Part 2

Before I get started on telling you about THIS month, I thought I’d do a quick review of things that happened in the last month (or so!).
1. The sun did eventually shine at Mission Springs. Not often, and not for very long, but it did come out. Here’s proof –
missionsprings sun
Look – see? Blue sky!
2. I missed being able to wish one of my beautiful daughters-in-law a Happy Birthday on February 20th. So here is a belated birthday shout-out to Tammy – what a blessing you are to my son, your daughters and to our family! tammy in crowd_edited-1
3. I missed being able to wish our son Josiah and his beautiful wife Abigail a happy second anniversary! Two years – my goodness, that has gone fast! Abigail, we are so delighted to have you in our family! Josiah – you done good!
Congrats – and may this be only the beginning of many wonderful years to come!
4. Dear precious Maddie has a broken arm! It’s one of the green-stick breaks down near her wrist, and she’ll be sporting a lovely purple cast for the next 4-6 weeks. Guess those big sisters better not give her any grief now that she’s armed!
Maddies cast_edited-1

So, I still have to put together some road pictures from our drive to Alliance Redwoods and I’m already behind on two weekends of sightseeing in this area! Bear with me – I’ll get it caught up eventually.

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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