The Missing Month. Part One

My trusty computer, with it’s new motherboard, has returned home. And with it came the post that I had prepared to upload just before the Big Crash. So while I’m busy uploading all the pictures I’ve taken over the last month, updating my massive spreadsheet (where we document all $$ spent), catching up on emails that I can now actually download into my computer, and doing a FULL BACK-UP, I will leave you with this –
Pretend it’s February 22nd…..
Feb 22, 2009
Sorry it’s been so long!!!!! (little did I know!)

The rain has been relentless! We did enjoy about 2 ½ days of no rain this week, but as I type this it is raining again. But still, it has been a good week. Gary is finally back to his old self and has been busy working on some dining hall refurbishing and I’ve been hanging out in the office stuffing envelopes. It’s been fun to get to know the staff here and working in the office has helped me get the names straight!
But enough about work. Friday was one of those non-rain days, so we took the opportunity to check out the Coast Highway heading north. Our first stop was Ano Nuevo State Reserve – home to thousands of elephant seals. This is the breeding season, and although all of the birthing was over, the beaches were still full of huge bulls, mamas, pups and weaners (those pups who have been weaned, but are still hanging around.) It was very interesting – but I confess there wasn’t a lot of activity going on while we were there. It kind of looked liked giant slugs littering the beach! Sorry!
ano nuevo park-2
ano nuevo park-3
ano nuevo park-12
Did you know that for the several MONTHS these mammals live on the beach they eat NOTHING? Nada, zilch. Except for the nursing pups, no food happens. No wonder all they do is lie around! But, unlike the seals, we were getting hungry! So we continued north to Princeton-by-the-Sea (just past Half Moon Bay – don’t you love the names of towns out here?). We had been told about a restaurant in Princeton (Barbara’s Fishtrap) that had the best fish and chips – “the fish and chips by which you will compare all others”. We checked it out and found them to excellent (though a little pricey. Even on the lunch menu they were $12.00. Yikes!).
Refueled and ready to go, we turned south to check out Pigeon Point Light Station. We got there just before the sunset, and even though we weren’t able to get a lighthouse tour, it was still a beautiful spot.
pigeon point lighthouse-6
pigeon point lighthouse-4
pigeon point lighthouse-3
A little farther down the road we stopped to enjoy the final view of the sun before it sank below the horizon.
coastal sunset
coastal sunset-4
coastal sunset-6

Full set of Lighthouse and Sunset shots here – Full set of Ano Nuevo Reserve and all the seals – Here
And if you just want to see the whole day – go here!

It was a lovely drive and a lovely day – we learned about elephant seals, we checked out award winning Fish and Chips, and we were blessed by God painting us a beautiful sunset.

…..The rest of the weekend was quiet and, um, rainy. Did I mention how many times we were told how much they need the rain? 🙂

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