A quiet week – and some technical difficulties

Since it’s been a quiet week (no sightseeing other that scoping out a couple of quilt shops and a jaunt to Home Depot), and my computer (with all of my recent pictures) has once again decided that starting was over-rated (and is back visiting with the Geek Squad), I’ve decided to share some pictures that are so much more interesting than shots of chairs being cleaned or stairs being painted.
The GrandGirls!

hayley EllieandMaddie

Looks like Ellie’s been keeping the tooth fairy busy, doesn’t it! 🙂
In just a little over a week I’ll be flying to Columbus to spend a week lovin’ on those little girls and their Mom and Dad.


And as a bonus, while I’m there Lara and Abigail will be joining us for a Big Girls Only overnight retreat! (I think Josiah will be coming to Columbus too – but he’ll be staying to help Toby with the little girls!) And little Gia (the newest member of the Josiah and Abigail family) will be staying behind in Lancaster.

I think it’s a potty training issue! :-/

Mmmmmm..countin’ the days!

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