We’re out of the country!

Alaska Day 1-1
With minimal fuss, we all made it into Canada. Phew. We had no idea how long that process would be, and two of us made it through in under 10 minutes. Jay and Naomi were asked to pull over, and they were then asked all the same questions that they had been asked by the booth lady. When they said they weren’t carrying any firearms (a standard question), they were asked if they were carrying firearms where would they store them (how stupid a question is that?). Jay’s reply – I would keep them at home! It was a slight delay, but all in all the border crossing was a breeze.
But before I get into our day, I thought I would take a moment and introduce our “team”. We’ll be working (and playing!)with these two other couples for the next three months, so I thought you might like to get to know them a little bit.
This is John.
John John is our “go-to” guy when you need a laugh or a hug! He has a deep and tender heart. In his previous life he was a salesman, so he will strike up a conversation with anyone and is always ready to make a new friend. He is also our negotiator – tonight he managed to get us a $44.00 campsite for $30.00. (Still more than we’d like to spend, but man, were we tired!). He grew up on a dairy farm in Lancaster, PA, so even though he’s from Nashville now, we consider him to be a home boy. He’s always pointing out tractors to us.

This is Rosie.
RosieRosie is our energizer bunny and our numbers girl. Because her background is in accounting, she’s very handy to have around when it comes to exchange rates and such. She also worked in the travel industry so she understands what “shoulder season” means. She was born in New Jersey, and even after years in the south she still comes through with some good ol’ Jersey twang when you least expect it. She has broadened our vocabulary with phrases like “cool beans” and “slicker ‘n frog snot”. She is a size 4, but we continue to love her anyway. She and John make a great team!
This is Jay
Jay Jay is our mechanical guru. He’s a Lancaster, PA native – born and bred, lived there all his life (well except for now when he’s living just about anywhere!). Along with a full time job at Georgia Pacific, he and Naomi also had an Egg Farm. Like a 125,000 chicken egg farm. His girls, he’d call them. Jay’s a pretty quiet guy, but when he speaks it’s with great thought (and often with great humor.) He’s handy with his tools, always has a smile for you AND he answers all of John’s tractor questions.

This is Naomi
Naomi comes from hardworking Lancaster stock too! She was the third girl in her family so instead of learning about cooking and baking she learned about milking and cows. And driving those tractors. And then she worked full time as the bookkeeper for a local floor covering company (while at the same time tending those bazillion chickens). I can’t think of a job that Naomi would be afraid to tackle (except maybe making dessert!). But while she claims she’s not a baker, I know for a fact there is a supply of home canned goodies under her bed. We sure do love Jay and Naomi!
This is Gary
Gary Most of you know him, but I thought I’d throw this picture in anyway. Gary is kinda the default Wagon Master of our little RV train. When we can’t decide what to do next (not because we’re too opinionated but because we really don’t know what we should do), he manages to come up with a plan. Indecisive is not a word that would describe Gary. Between Gary and Jay we figure we have any problems with the truck or RV’s covered. And then John will negotiate the best price for any parts needed!
This is me.
You probably knew that too. I think I’ll do OK with the navigation on this trip since we really aren’t taking that many different roads and mostly we are heading NORTH. I’m along to take the pictures (though John does give me a run for the money on that effort) and keep up this journal so folks know where we are going and what we are doing. I’m so very honored to be in the company of these wonderful Jesus-loving folks. Their servant hearts continue to be an inspiration to me.

With the introductions over, perhaps you would actually like to know how our first day on the road went. Well, for a day that only covered 108 miles we are all exhausted! I think between the anticipation of the departure and then the rain off and on all day, we just plain ran out of energy. We only made it to Rosedale and put off the Minter Gardens until tomorrow (Tuesday) due to the rain. And if it’s raining tomorrow, we’ll just bag the garden plan altogether. Our campground is within walking distance of Bridal Veil Falls, so Naomi and I braved the rain and did the hike. The falls, even in the rain, were lovely, though you might not know it by the pictures. I don’t seem to have a “rain” setting on my camera!
Alaska Day 1-10
See what I mean?
But to start at the beginning – Here we are at 7AM this morning getting all hooked up. Like the rock guard Gary made for the truck? I think we can use it as a small ping-pong table when it’s not attached to our “toad”.
Rock Guard
The rain made the day seem dreary, but the clouds on the mountains were quite lovely-
Alaska Day 1-2
Alaska Day 1-5
And when we stopped to figure out what we were going to do next (we ended up pulling into a campground about 100 ft. up the road!), some blue sky even broke through!
Alaska Day 1-6
And here are the falls –
Alaska Day 1-11
Alaska Day 1-12
(That white glare in the rear of the picture is the main waterfall. Even with the rain, glare is still glare!)
There are a few more photos in the set here if you’d like to see some more of the day.

It was a good day, this first day on the road. It may take a couple of days for us to hit our stide, but I have great expectations for the days to come.
Now if the rain would just stop. 🙂

PS – I’ve posted the solution to the Wednesday Wonderment picture HERE in case you really wanted to know where those three frogs were!

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  1. You are a whiz at the website thing. I wish my site was more than a drag and drop one

  2. HI.. Pray that you are having a great trip so far!!!!Your pictures are good!!!

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