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Tuesday, May 12
Day Two. It’s quiet here in our Provincial Park campground. There’s no internet at this beautiful park, but I’m getting started on my daily journal so I don’t get too far behind. We’ve only traveled 104 miles today (we really are going to have to crank out some miles one of these days if we’re going to make it to Fairbanks by the 29th!), but we’ve seen some beautiful country.
Alaskan Drive Day twoWith the weather still calling for rain we decided to forgo the (beautiful, I’m sure) Minter Gardens and instead enjoyed a mini version of a local self-guided farm tour. We learned about honey production at the Honeyview Farm (and tried some delicious honeys), and then checked out the cheeses at the Farm House Natural Cheese farm. Both were lovely local enterprises and it was nice to get a feel for the area. Then we hitched up the rigs and began the official driving day.

We stopped in Hope, and took a quick walk around town to check out their log sculptures. They were scattered all around town and were quite amazing (all done with a chain saws). I think this one was my favorite though –
Log front
And on the back side of it –
Log Back
was, well, the back side! Fun!

From there we drove out to the Othello Tunnels – a series of train tunnels that are considered to be an engineering marvel and are now a walking trail. To add a little excitement to our walk, a film crew was there setting up their “stuff” for a nighttime shoot for an upcoming horror movie. Electric cables aside, it was a quite a walk! A river rushes between the tunnels that are literally chiseled through the mountains. I don’t believe my pictures really capture what a beautiful walk it was, but here are a couple that try –
Alaskan Drive Day two-3
Alaskan Drive Day two-4
Alaskan Drive Day two-6
On our way out we caught up with a couple of guys who were setting up for the scene they were shooting that night. Apparently an RV was going to be coming out of the tunnel just as it was exploding behind him. Here are the guys bringing in some extra rocks –

Alaskan Drive Day two-7 Alaskan Drive Day two-8

And here is the “stunt double” for the scene –
Alaskan Drive Day two-10
🙂 You never know what might just be around the corner!

We continued through the mountains, basically following the Frazer River. The views were pretty spectacular and though we didn’t make many stops, I think I captured some of the beauty through the windshield.
Alaskan Drive Day two-12
Alaskan Drive Day two-14

Our other main stop of the day was at Hell’s Gate – the deepest and narrowest point on the Frazer River. With more than 200 million gallons of water surging through the narrowest point at speeds up to 20 mph, it’s twice the volume of Niagara Falls roaring through an opening of only 110 feet wide. (And yes, I copied that straight from their brochure!). It also has International Fishways to help the salmon make their way upstream to spawn. We took the air tram from one side to the other – it was a quick ride but the views were spectacular.
Alaskan Drive Day two-15
Alaskan Drive Day two-16
Alaskan Drive Day two-17
From that point we were headed to our campground. The scenery continued to dazzle us, but at Lytton the road began to follow the Thompson River and the mountains seemed to change from one moment to the next.
We had been traveling through lush green (or snow covered) mountains,
Alaskan Drive Day two-20
but once we started along the Thomson River the mountains became more rock than trees.
Alaskan Drive Day two-22
Still beautiful, but very different. And the other different thing was the BLUE SKY and puffy white clouds.

It was such a lovely evening that we even enjoyed our dinner outside. Now that was nice!
We’re all tucked in, and ready to hit the sack. Tomorrow holds great promise for maybe some more of that great sunshine – and new sights around every corner.
Day Two Map –
Day Two
There are (of course) more photos from Day Two – and if you’d like to see them, they can be found HERE!

Wednesday, May 13
Our drive on Wednesday continued through the mountains. We could see evidence of rock slides, and where the day before the trees had been covered in moss, these trees usually stood alone. The terrain continued to change until I felt we could have been driving through Texas or maybe the mountains of Arizona. Add to that the fact that as we were following the river, so were a set of railroad tracks on both banks. We commented that we felt like we were part of a giant HO train set!

Alaska Drive Day Three
Alaska Drive Day Three-2
Alaska Drive Day Three-5
Alaska Drive Day Three-6
Alaska Drive Day Three-12
Alaska Drive Day Three-13

Alaska Drive Day Three-16We had an eclectic day planned. No grand events that involved swirling water or dark tunnels. A local museum (farm equipment in honor of John and Jay), two visitor centers, and a tour of a log house building company pretty much filled up the day.
We covered just over 200 miles (almost double our previous days!), so we felt justified to find a campground with full hook-ups (last night was no hook-ups), so we could all have nice hot showers (that were longer than 2 minutes) and get all our dishes washed up. And the free wifi was just an added bonus!
Here is the view from the front of our house –
Alaska Drive Day Three-20
And the perfect end of a lovely day….
Alaska Drive Day Three-21
Double Ah.

Map of Day Three(with our hopeful Wednesday night destination marked- Prince George)-
Day Three
And more pictures HERE

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