Day 11 – Quiet and productive

Thursday, May 21, 2009
I figured I’d do an update tonight even though it was a quiet day for us. We had already decided that it would be mostly a chore day – Jay and Naomi had that dental problem to take care of up in Whitehorse and we certainly could find plenty to do to once we got settled at the campground. We’ve positioned ourselves so we can make an easy trip to Skagway where we are taking a one day “cruise” to Juneau. We had planned to do it tomorrow (Friday), but turns out they only go out on the weekend. Good thing we called! So tomorrow I think we’ll take in some of the local sights – maybe even driving up to Whitehorse. But today was definatly doing stuff that needed to be done! The 120 mile ride from our campground to Carcross was as beautiful as always, but I’m thinking you are getting a little tired of pictures of “the road.” So in an effort to spare you (for at least a day), here are some pictures of water that we crossed over. These are all from different bridges, and taken from a moving RV, so sometimes the angle is a little weird. But the sun was great – and the ice was really interesting. And let’s remember – there are no roads in these pictures! 🙂
Alaskan Drive - Day 11-1
The Nisultin River
Alaskan Drive - Day 11-2
The Teslin River
Alaskan Drive - Day 11
The Tagish River

It’s almost 10:30PM and the sun is finally going down behind the mountains. And since it will be coming up at 5:06 – I think I’d better call it a night!
Thanks for stopping by, friends!

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