Closing in on the prize….

We’ve made it to Tok, Alaska, and are just a little over 200 miles from our final destination (Fairbanks). We’re at a campground tonight that does have internet, but they don’t allow uploading of pictures, so I’m really just letting you know that we are safe and sound back in the good ol’ US of A (and on Memorial day, no less!). I’ll be organizing pictures and writing up journal entries of all of our adventures so that as soon as I am able I’ll be ready to share the last several days of travel. Thanks for coming along so far, and don’t give up on me. I’ll have an official update soon!
Sunny and bright here – and should remain so until 11PM or so!

One thought on “Closing in on the prize….”

  1. Stephanie…been catching up on your blog these last couple days. I see that you finally made it to the other side of the good old USA. These pictures are fantastic and enjoying all your updates, and wonderful information of the destinations you are reaching.

    I told my husband to come and check out your blog and he said to me….let’s do what Stephanie and Gary are doing….someday.
    My daughter is putting her house up for sale and we will be also. The goal is to roll up housing and owe less on housing…then we can travel and give back too.

    Keep in touch. I so very much enjoy your travels.
    In Him…Dale

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