Takin’ care of business

We’re getting settled here at Camp Li-Wa. It was our first full day and we spent part of it getting the lay of the land around Fairbanks. After weeks on the road where the average town had a gas station and a campground, it seems crazy to be able to shop at Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Fred Meyers ,and Safeway almost from the same parking lot! We checked out the local farmer’s market – lots of beautiful Alaskan crafts, home grown goodies, and wonderful baked goods.
Alaskan Adventure - Day 20
Alaskan Adventure - Day 20-1
After (We went for the cranberry-orange one! Yummmmmmm…..)
While the guys were checking out the Home Depot, we ladies located a couple quilt shops in the area –
Alaskan Adventure - Day 20-2
And then we returned home to get laundry done, wash the road dirt off of the trucks and RV’s and get some group haircuts!
Alaskan Adventure - Day 20-3
Alaskan Adventure - Day 20-4

No pictures of ribbons of roads and spectacular snow capped mountains today – we are happy to be catching up with chores and exploring this area.

It is good to be still.

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