A quick review –

North to alaska
Total miles traveled – 2270
Total days on road – 19
Total days moving – 14
Total gallons of diesel – 304
Total hours of driving – 52

Average Miles per hour – 42.8
Average Miles per gallon – 7.46

Total number of digital pictures taken ……2,394 (how embarrassing!)

Just so you know, not all of the pictures were of majestic mountains or endless blacktop.
For example –
Here’s Rosie during the Sourdough Pancake Toss –
pancake toss
We all gave it a try, and none of us won the free breakfast. Sigh.

Here’s John being attacked by a giant mosquito –
john mosquito
(interesting sculpture for the end of the Alaska Highway Welcome center!)

Here’s Naomi doing what we all did when we had a “couple of bars” –
cell phone
Calling Home!

Here are John and Rosie crossing the street in Skagway
skagway goof
What these guys won’t do for a picture!

Here’s John and Rosie again —
They’re actually both doing the phone home thing – but John is being John at the same time!

Here’s Rosie making their Signpost Forest sign
sign maker
(thank goodness for a spare piece of wood and a good black marker!)

This is a shot of the dolphins leading our boat on the Lynn Canal-
dolphin jump
Honest – that’s what it’s a picture of. You try it sometime!

This is what happens when you say “look excited to be in Alaska!”
we made it
(poor Rosie – I almost clobbered her!)

Some chickens at Rika’s Roadhouse –
“Who you lookin’ at????”

And the big early morning shadow at Lake Kluane –
big shadow
Ok, so there are some mountains in that picture – but it was mostly of the shadow!

My theory about taking pictures – the more you take, the higher your chances of getting some good ones. 🙂
click, click, click.

2 thoughts on “A quick review –”

  1. +Hi,

    Great pics of the countryside. The mosquitos haven’t emerged yet, have they? Watch out when they do as you will run fast for cover or get eaten alive!!! I looked up Camp Li-Wa and that looks like a sister camp to Victory Bible Camp. We visited there. One of the Clemens (Jennifer went to PCS with Beth Clemens) girls went to Alaska Bible College in Glennalen and she worked at that camp. It was a really nice place. How long will you be working at this project? We are enjoying your travels. Carol

  2. Ah, yes, the mosquitos HAVE indeed emerged! They’re pretty persistant – but we haven’t been biten too much. We just do a lot of sprayin’ and swattin’! This camp is a sister camp to Victory Bible Camp which I understand is quite lovely. This camp is a little more “rustic” – but full of folks who love the Lord!

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