Ladies Day Out – and other Alaskan Adventures

Often during our Sower projects the girls take a day off to explore the area. That really means that we check out the local thrift shops
LDO-Thrift Shop
Maybe stop at a fabric store 🙂
LDO-Fabric Shop
And Have lovely lunch at a quaint café in a nearby town
LDO - lunch-1

Right across the street from Veronica’s was another Russian Orthodox Church. Another interesting stop.
Kenai Russian Orthodox Church
But down the road was where the Kenai River meets the Cook Inlet – and where Alaskans are allowed to catch those salmon using the Dip Net technique. Now anyone coming to Alaska can get a fishing license and catch up to their limit (I think it’s 3 per day) of the beautiful salmon that are returning home to spawn. But only Alaskans can get a dip net license, where they can catch up to 25 per head of household and then 10 each for other family members (per season, not day!) . It doesn’t really seem like fishing – they hold a big net out in the water and when they feel a tug they haul it back to shore. Then they club the fish to kill it and put it in their cooler, headed for filleting and the deep freeze! It’s a pretty short season (maybe two weeks?), and it seems to be a pretty big event around these parts – and certainly a family affair!
Kenai - Dip Net Fishing
Kenai - Dip Net Fishing-1
Kenai - Dip Net Fishing-3
Kenai - Dip Net Fishing-4
Kenai - Dip Net Fishing-5
They not only do it from the shore – sometimes they do it from slow moving motor boats –
Kenai - Dip Net Fishing-8
Kenai - Dip Net Fishing-2
(I love the fact that the guy gets the “drive the boat” chore and the gal gets the “hold the giant net steady against the current and catch the big salmon” chore. Hmmmmmmm…….
It was a very pretty day. The haze and gray clouds are actually smoke from the wildfires in the area. We’ve often awakened to the smell of smoke, and the haze is almost always on the horizon.
Kenai - Dip Net Fishing-6
Kenai - Dip Net Fishing-7
Last night we went to a local restaurant in Kenai to celebrate Rosie’s birthday. (We are all wondering why at the place where you can almost GRAB a salmon out of the water and are practically guaranteed to catch a halibut if you go out on a fishing excursion, the salmon and halibut on the menus are still almost $25.00! We’re getting very good at sharing!) Anyway, they had live entertainment at this restaurant – an Alaskan legend (so we’re told) – Hobo Jim.
Hobo Jim
(We were in an old Cannery – hence the ambiance of the location!)
He was very good – lots of Alaskan folk songs and some pretty funny stories . One of my favorite lines was –
We like to tell the ladies (looking for a man) – Here in Alaska the odds are pretty good – but the goods are pretty odd! 🙂

Later today we’re headed out for a hike to the Russian River Falls – where we might even get to see some salmon jumping up the falls! Sun is shining and it promises to be a lovely afternoon!

Oh – there are a couple more pictures of the day HERE – and I’m sure I’ll have lots more to post before the weekend’s over!

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  1. The other Sowers here (besides the Carpers and the Stoners) are the Cloyds and the Howards. There is another couple here also – the Carlsons, and Patty joined us for our LDO. It was a fun day!

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