Getting ready to roll

Tomorrow is our last day at Solid Rock. It’s been a good month. The weather has been outstanding – the locals have all said that this has been one of their nicest summers in a long time. We saw our first rain drops of the month on Monday, and even those were pretty few and far between. The intermittent rain has been a blessing for the local firefighters as they battle several wildfires in the area, and it hasn’t really slowed us down. 🙂
Solid Rock Bible Camp is one busy place! They run several different types of camp each week. During our first week there was a Running Camp, a Waterskiing Wakeboard Camp, and a Wagon Train Camp (focusing on horsemanship). This week they have two Wagon Train groups, a large Lakeside Camp and a basketball camp. It’s been keeping us pretty busy in the kitchen feeding all those hungry campers. We’ve been blessed by being able to eat with the campers, and since the guys were working down at the Wagon Train area we all got invited to their campfire breakfast last Friday.
Wagon Train2
Here are a couple of other shots from the Wagon Train area –
Wagon Trail
Wagon Train
Horse Barn
There is a nice trail around the lake that starts at the Wagon Train and goes over to the Lakeside Camp.
SRBC Trail
SRBC Trail
Here’s a view across the lake to the Prayer Chapel that we’ve been meeting at =
SRBC Prayer Chapel
The trail ends at the Lakeside Camp –
Solid Rock Lakeside
I think you can see the appeal of these camps.

So tomorrow we raise the jacks, pull in the slides, strap down that coffee maker and make sure all the drawers are securely closed. We’re not done with Alaska yet, but we’ll be officially beginning the long trek back to the Lower 48. Fair Warning – there are windshield shots in your future!
Alaskan Drive - Day 15-16

2 thoughts on “Getting ready to roll”

  1. Hi, Gary and Stephanie!
    Sorry to hear you’re heading out tomorrow…I had hoped we could make it over to see you before you moved on! I’m glad you had a good experience and that the weather has been so unbelievable gorgeous for you! We’re back to typical summer weather these past few days, with high 50’s and rain on our side of the mountain!
    Thanks so much for your note and help with the building fund-you two have been such a blessing to us! The apartment is coming along, being painted this week, and Mark is hoping to tackle the bathroom this weekend. Pray we get it done before our VBS work team arrives on the 1st of August!
    all for now…sorry so lengthy! Keep in touch!

  2. Thanks for all the news and all the pictures. We have sure enjoyed them.. Safe travels all the way back..

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