Back to the Lower 48 – Day 1

(Note – I’m trying to keep a daily journal of our travels. Unfortunately, finding a good internet connection to post daily is proving to be a challenge. So, I’ll be posting in order, but not necessarily for the date of the actual post. Does that make any sense?)
Friday, July 24, 2009
Solid Rock Bible Camp to Victory Bible Camp.
Drive to Victory
We hit the road early in a light drizzle. I think all of us were ready to hit the road and begin our long trek back to the Lower 48. We won’t be traveling together the whole way (like we did on the way up), but we’ll be a little caravan for at least the start of the trip. (Baby steps! We don’t want any separation anxiety).
The first leg of the trip (to Anchorage) was pretty familiar, but the beautiful fireweed along the way really helped to brighten the dreary morning light.
Drive to Victory-1
Even when we had to wait for construction, the wildflowers made the wait a little less tedious.
Drive to Victory-2
There were a couple of rough patches
Drive to Victory-3
But all in all, it was a smooth trip to Anchorage.
Drive to Victory-4
From Anchorage we picked up the Glenn Highway – Ah, new road! (not so much NEW road, just new road to us!)
Drive to Victory-5
Drive to Victory-7
Drive to Victory-8
Drive to Victory-9
Drive to Victory-11
Our destination for the day was Victory Bible Camp – located between Anchorage and Glennallen. (Glennallen is located at the end of the Glenn Highway. Go figure!).
Victory Bible Camp is the sister camp of Camp Li-Wa in Fairbanks where we worked in June. They offered to let us camp there for the night – and even invited us to their “Christmas in July (a day early)” celebration dinner. We had a nice evening at a lovely camp, and were even treated to a moose by the lake in the morning!
Drive to Victory-16
Drive to Victory-15
Drive to Victory-18

Day One – 233 miles. Check

PS – of course, there are more pictures! If you’d like to see them, click HERE!

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  1. The fire weed really makes the majestic landscape beautiful. But what? No picture of the moose by the lake? Guess I’ll just have to settle for that cute little guy in your windshield shots. 🙂

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